[Bug 255799] ffs crash on ufs file system

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--- Comment #2 from Kirk McKusick <mckusick at FreeBSD.org> ---
What were the details on the filesystem in question (df information, and
ideally the first 100 lines of dumpfs of the filesystem). Were you running it
using soft updates or journalled soft updates?

Were there any I/O errors reported for the drive in the system logs.

Did you run fsck on it after the crash, and if so what if any errors did it

If you were running your filesystem with journalled soft updates, please try
running a full fsck check on it (fsck -f). A drawback of any journalling
filesystem is that it only checks things that it thinks might be wrong. If a
disk error occurs, then unexpected data can get corrupted and a journal
rollback will not fix it. Only a full check of the filesystem will do so. And
as long as it is not fixed, you will keep tripping over the same error/panic
until you do fix it.

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