Major issues with nfsv4

J David j.david.lists at
Sun Jan 17 05:03:57 UTC 2021

On Sat, Jan 16, 2021 at 5:57 PM Rick Macklem <rmacklem at> wrote:
> Opens can be closed until all FreeBSD open file descriptors for the file
> are closed.
> --> Just the way it is. It is not an unintended leak. They go away once
>       all file descriptors get closed,
> However, none of the above seems unexpected, except maybe for why
> "ls" in the chroot opens 3 regular files each time. I don't know what
> chroot actually does for something like "ls"? I'll look.

It probably isn't anything ls is doing.  It's probably just the open
of whatever shared libraries ls has in common with the shell running
in the other window.

And so, on a long-running system with frequently-accessed binaries (or
just shared libraries) mounted over NFS, where it's unlikely that all
descriptors will ever be closed at the same time, a hang/crash/failure
essentially becomes inevitable?

Is this a solvable problem?  (Outside of oneopenown.)


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