Consistency of pkg db on UFS

Ali Abdallah ali.abdallah at
Mon Jan 4 12:33:25 UTC 2021

On 12.12.2020 09:44, techyNotes wrote:
> Hi Ali


> I had a similar problem with my HP Elitebook couple of days ago with UFS option. I had been experimenting with various modes and setup options including the file system ZFS and UFS. I would have installed and reinstalled Freebsd 12.2 more than 20 times! 
> I guess the issue lies in the Installation process. Just before the final step of rebooting it takes sometime (more than when installing with ZFS option) to complete the installation closure tasks. This was not completed or you did not wait until the point the message popped up to reboot the system!
> To verify if this is the case, check your loader.conf and/or rc.conf it would be empty. The options you selected during the install process would not be recorded in these files.
> SOLUTION: I just reinstalled again with the option of UFS and waited on the last before step patiently and then finally rebooted upon the alter message of REBOOT option from the installer.

I'm no speaking about the installer, but an already installed system.

I don't believe there is a solution to the described issue, the blocks
of a newly installed package can make it to the disk and to the fs
metadata, but the information about it written by the package manager to
its database/plain file might not make it to the disk in case of power
failure/panic, so you would end up with an installed package that the
package manager itself doesn't know about! The issue can happen on any
filesystem, not only on UFS.


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