Major issues with nfsv4

Rick Macklem rmacklem at
Mon Jan 4 01:11:29 UTC 2021

Kostik wrote:
>Rick Macklem wrote:
[stuff snipped]
>> I see vfs_deferred_inactive() in sys/kern/vfs_subr.c, but I do not
>> know when/how it gets called?
>Right, vfs_deferred_inactive() is one way which tries to handle missed
>inactivations. If upon vput() the lock is only shared and upgrade
>failed, vnode is marked as VI_OWEINACT and put onto 'lazy' list,
>processed by vfs_sync(MNT_LAZY). It is typically called from syncer,
>which means each 60 secs. There, if the vnode is still unreferenced, it
>is inactivated.
If I read the code correctly vfs_deferred_inactive() gets called with
Then there is this code in nfs_lock():
        vp = ap->a_vp;
332	        lktype = ap->a_flags & LK_TYPE_MASK;
333	        error = VOP_LOCK1_APV(&default_vnodeops, ap);
334	        if (error != 0 || vp->v_op != &newnfs_vnodeops)
335	                return (error);
336	        np = VTONFS(vp);
337	        if (np == NULL)
338	                return (0);
339	        NFSLOCKNODE(np);
340	        if ((np->n_flag & NVNSETSZSKIP) == 0 || (lktype != LK_SHARED &&
341	            lktype != LK_EXCLUSIVE && lktype != LK_UPGRADE &&
342	            lktype != LK_TRYUPGRADE)) {
343	                NFSUNLOCKNODE(np);
344	                return (0);
345	        }
346	        onfault = (ap->a_flags & LK_EATTR_MASK) == LK_NOWAIT &&
347	            (ap->a_flags & LK_INIT_MASK) == LK_CANRECURSE &&
348	            (lktype == LK_SHARED || lktype == LK_EXCLUSIVE);
349	        if (onfault && vp->v_vnlock->lk_recurse == 0) {
350	                /*
351	                 * Force retry in vm_fault(), to make the lock request
352	                 * sleepable, which allows us to piggy-back the
353	                 * sleepable call to vnode_pager_setsize().
354	                 */
355	                NFSUNLOCKNODE(np);
356	                VOP_UNLOCK(vp);
357	                return (EBUSY);
358	        }
Would the above code result in an EBUSY reply when the vn_lock(LK_NOWAIT |
LK_EXCLUSIVE) is made in vfs_deferred_inactive()?

If so, it looks like vfs_periodic_inactive()->vfs_deferred_inactive() will just
call vdefer_inactive_unlocked()->vdefer_inactive() and it will end up
on the lazy list with VI_DEFINACT set again, if I am reading the
code correctly?

>Another place where inactivation can occur is reclamation. There in
>vgonel(), we call VOP_INACTIVE() if VI_OWEINACT is set. In principle,
>this is redundand because correct filesystem must do the same cleanup
>(and more) at reclamation as at the inactivation.  But we also call
And this would make all the NFSv4 Opens go away (get closed)
when the nullfs mounts are unmounted, as reported by J. David.

>Looking at this from another angle, if inactivation for NFSv4 vnodes
>is not called longer than 2 minutes, perhaps there is a reference leak.
>It is not due to VFS forgetting about due VOP_INACTIVE() call.
Unless the nfs_lock(LK_NOWAIT) call keeps failing with EBUSY,
I think?

ps: I need to find a way to reproduce this.

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