[Bug 255261] Slow unmount of (ZFS) filesystem at reboot time

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Tue Apr 20 19:56:11 UTC 2021


--- Comment #4 from dgilbert at eicat.ca ---
Hrm.  Not matching my experience, then.  I recently updated from 12.2 to 13 ---
basically at the beginning of the release schedule.  My server has 128G RAM, a
8C/16T threadripper and 60T of disk.

The disk has many uses, but I also do poudriere builds on this machine ---
which tend to thrash it pretty hard.

If a reboot is done after low uptime (under a week or so), things are fine. 
But the reboot time rises as uptime does ... roughly.  Poudriere runs seem to
frustrate it.

So far, with 13, I have seen a reboot take ~ 5 minutes.  Small amounts of disk
activity on the array (just noticed the blinken lights).  This is after the
buffer messages but before the uptime is printed.

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