zfs promote

mike tancsa mike at sentex.net
Tue Mar 31 19:36:12 UTC 2020


    While doing some VM tests, I was making heavy use of clones from my
zfs server.  (clones are a super cool handy feature!)... However, when
we went live, I accidentally used a clone as the production file
system.  Now, I cannot delete those old snapshots.  It seems zfs promote
is what I want, but I just want to make sure it will fully work the way
I want it to.

The history I did was

zfs snapshot nfs3zroot/cyclenet at clean3
zfs clone nfs3zroot/cyclenet at clean3 nfs3zroot/cyclenetlive
zfs set mountpoint=/cyclenet/live nfs3zroot/cyclenetlive

If I do a zfs promote nfs3zroot/cyclenetlive

I can then do a zfs destroy nfs3zroot/cyclenet at clean3 safely right ?
i.e. nfs3zroot/cyclenetlive will then not have any historical dependencies ?

Also, how much impact on the disk IO will the promote command have ? Is
it long like a scrub, or quick like a snapshot ?


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