ZFS panic on boot (head)

Guido Falsi mad at madpilot.net
Mon Jun 8 18:20:43 UTC 2020


On a laptop running head r361728, after a normal reboot I'm
experiencing an had panic every boot.

Booting a kernel with kdb I get:

panic: Solaris(panic): zfs: allocating allocated
segment(offset=433818959872 size=4096) of (offset=433818021200 size=32768)

I can provide a screenshot of the stack trace if required.

Is there a way to recover? Or should I simply reinstall the machine?

What is actually happened? Maybe a disk data error? (it's a laptop with
only one disk)

Or something misbehaved in ZFS?

Thanks in advance for any information/help.

Guido Falsi <mad at madpilot.net>

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