export a zfs snapshot over nfs

Willem Jan Withagen wjw at digiware.nl
Sun Jan 26 12:56:52 UTC 2020

On 24-1-2020 16:33, mike tancsa wrote:
> On a backup server, I want to export a zfs snapshot via nfs, but I cant
> seem to do it.
> given the snapshot is
> backup2/zrepl/sink2/nfserver1/images/vms at zrepl_20190902_122114_000
> I can do something locally like
> mkdir /tmpmount
> add
> /tmpmount       -maproot=nobody
> and from the client machine mount /tmpmount.
> But if I do on the server
> mount -t zfs
> backup2/zrepl/sink2/nfserver1/images/vms at zrepl_20190902_122114_000 /tmpmount
> and then try and mount from the client, I get a permission denied.
> I can work around it by creating a quick clone of the snapshot and
> mounting the clone.  But was curious as to why I cant do it the first way ?

The fact that it works for a clone, but not for a snapshot with 
'permission denied'
gives me the feeling that one way or another something is trying to 
modify the
snapshot, which is not allowed.
Could perhaps be things like  atime of mtime.

And on a snapshot you are not allowed to do so.

Not sure if nfs-mounting  /tmpmount '-ro' will help?


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