Major issues with nfsv4

Rick Macklem rmacklem at
Fri Dec 11 23:39:20 UTC 2020

Alan Somers wrote:
[stuff snipped]
>That's some good information.  However, it must not be the whole story.  I've >been nullfs mounting my NFS mounts for years.  For example, right now on a >FreeBSD 12.2-RC2 machine:
If I recall, you were one of the two people that needed to switch to
"minorversion=1" to get rid of NFSERR_BADSEQID (10026) errors.
Is that correct?

>> sudo nfsstat -m
> on /usr/home
Btw, using "soft" with NFSv4 mounts is a bad idea. (See the BUGS section of
"man mount_nfs".)

If you have a hung NFSv4 mount, you can use
# umount -N /usr/home
to dismount it. (It may take a couple of minutes.)


> mount | grep home on /usr/home (nfs, nfsv4acls)
/usr/home on /iocage/jails/rustup2/root/usr/home (nullfs)

Are you using any mount options with nullfs?  It might be worth trying to make the read-only mount into read-write, to see if that helps.  And what does "jls -n" show?

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