[Bug 228750] panic on zfs mirror removal

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Wed Sep 4 23:04:09 UTC 2019


--- Comment #21 from miguelmclara at gmail.com ---
Imported in read only and I see:

remove: Evacuation of label/zfs1 in progress since Wed Sep  4 17:37:55 2019
    29.5K copied out of 837G at 1/s, 0.00% done, (copy is slow, no estimated

But also with zdb I can see that ashift is not the same and I'm guessing that's
why I get the panic:

           metaslab_array: 33
                metaslab_shift: 33
                ashift: 9
                asize: 1000199946240
                is_log: 0
                removing: 1

I suppose its probably easier to rebuild the pool

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