Waht is the minimum free space ... (Full Report)

Peter pmc at citylink.dinoex.sub.org
Fri May 17 13:13:12 UTC 2019

On Fri, May 17, 2019 at 03:30:43PM +1000, Peter Jeremy wrote:
! On 2019-May-17 03:02:39 +0200, Peter <pmc at citylink.dinoex.sub.org> wrote:
! >The original idea was to check if ZFS can grow a raid5.
! I've done this (see https://bugs.au.freebsd.org/dokuwiki/zfsraid), though I
! also migrated from RAIDZ1 to RAIDZ2 in the process.  If this process no
! longer works (that page is 4 years old), it would seem that there has been
! an unfortunate regression.

You don't mention setting "autoexpand=on" - I suppose it would not
work without that.

What we have here is most likely not a problem with the raid or it's
growth, but a kind of "autority conflict" between ZFS and GPT on who
is going to manage the underlying partitions. (Which doesn't surprize
me - if I were ZFS, I would be quite frustrated to run under GPT.)

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