[Bug 236480] [zfs] [panic] solaris assert: dn->dn_type != DMU_OT_NONE

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Fri Jun 28 18:19:18 UTC 2019


--- Comment #27 from ncrogers at gmail.com ---
I am guessing this bug is not present in 11.3 since the large dnode feature
doesn't appear to be in it, at least not that I can see in the SVN changelog? I
have no official affiliation with FreeBSD, but based on my experience there is
unlikely to be a 12.0 errata for this fix since it doesn't affect everyone. I
would assume the problem still exists in CURRENT (13.0) so someone needs to
decide what the correct approach is to fix this in CURRENT, and that can
hopefully get MFCd to 12-STABLE and it will be fixed in 12.1. At least that is
what I am hoping for...

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