[Bug 237517] ZFS parallel mounting sometimes misses mounting intermediate filesystems

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Thu Jul 18 02:35:45 UTC 2019


--- Comment #14 from fullermd at over-yonder.net ---
Well, I spent some time looking at it.  The source of the issue winds up being
how the FS's are sorted and fed into the parallel mounting.  Because the list
winds up being "/x/y/z /x/y/z /x/y/z/a [...]", the first /x finds out that the
second is not one of its descendents, so assumes it has nothing else to do in
that branch.  Meanwhile, the higher level also skips it in weird ways.  I'm a
little unsure why it's not deterministic, but...

Anyway, I worked up a patch that seems like it should fix it, and in testing
I'm no longer able to reproduce it.  Then I made the mistake of going over to
look at ZoL, to see if they'd seen anything similar and had near-enough code
for it to apply there.  And it turns out they actually applied a slightly
different (but I think semantically equivalent) fix, for what looks like
slightly different symptoms, just last week.  With their patch, I'm also unable
to reproduce it.

So, see

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