[Bug 231251] [ZFS assfail] 12-ALPHA5 r338529 panic

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Thu Sep 27 06:24:50 UTC 2018


--- Comment #8 from Andriy Gapon <avg at FreeBSD.org> ---
(In reply to Jeremy Faulkner from comment #5)

Quick and dirty OCR for posterity:

KDB: stack backtrace:
db itcu33£flzlf urdpper() dt db trace self urdpper+8x2b/frdme
vDaQIC() at vpanic*8xlaB/frame Bxfffffe8183d62198
pantc() at panic+8x43ffrane 8xfffffe8188d621f8
assfail() at assfail+8xla/frame Bxfffff98183d62288
arc_release() at arc_release+8x93b/frame Bxfffffe8183d62298
dbuf_redirty() at dbuf_redirty+8x56/frame 8xfffffe8183d622b8
dbuf_dirty() at dbuf_dirty+8x369/frame 8xfffffe8183d62358
dmu_write_uio_dnode() at dmu_urite_uio_dnode+8x118/frame Bxfffffe8183d623d8
dmu_write_uio_dbuf() at dmu_urite_uio_dbuf+8x42/frame BxfffffeBlB3d62488
zfs_freebsd_write() at zfs_freebsd“urite+8x825fframe Bxfffff98183d62638
UUP_NRITE_RPU() at UDP_HRITE_RPU+Bx11f/frame Bxfffffe8183d62748
vn_write() at vn_urite+9x25b/frame 8xfffffe8183d627d8
vn_io_faultmdoio() at vn_io_fault_doio+8x43/frame Bxfffffe8183d62838
vn_io_fault1() at vn_io_fault1+9x171/frame Bxfffffe8193d62978
vn_io~fault() at vn_io_fault+8x195/frame Bxfffff98183d62998
dofileurite() at dofilewrite+8x97lframe Bxfffffe8183d62638
kern_pwritev() at kern_puritev+9x5f/frame Bxfffffe8183d62678
sgs_pwrite() at sgs_pwrite+9x8d/frame BxfffffeBlBBdGZacB
lamd64_sgscall() at amd64_sgscall+9x28olframe Bxfffffe8183d62bf8
‘fast_sgscall_common() at fast_sgscall_common+8x191/frame Bxfffffe8183d62bf9
5950611 (476, FreeBSD ELF64, sgs_pwrite), rip = 9x4837Sa, rsp = Bxc42917ccd8
rbp : 9xc42817cd48

KDB: enter: panic
thread pid 9863 tid 192594
Stopped at kdb_enter+9x3b: movq $B,kdb_uhg
db) Show panic
panic: solaris assert: HDR_ENPTY(hdr), file:
is/uts/common/fs/zfs/arc.c, line: 6213

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