smart(8) Call for Testing

Michael Dexter editor at
Mon Mar 26 18:52:11 UTC 2018

Hello all,

As you may or may not know, Chuck Tuffli has developed a simple, 
scripting-friendly S.M.A.R.T. utility for FreeBSD that is designed to be 
included in base once proven. To that end, smart(8) is ready for testing 
on the broadest selection of disk and controller combinations possible.

smart(8) is available in ports and packages today in sysutils/smart

Quick start:

pkg install smart
smart ada0

(That's it!)

You should see a list of raw SMART values in the format of <Log Page ID> 
<Attribute ID> <Attribute value> (See the GitHub readme for an 
explanation of the Log Page ID.

Usage: smart [-htxi] [-a <attribute id>] <device name>
         -h, --help
         -t, --threshold : also print out the threshold values
         -x, --hex : print the values out in hexadecimal
         -a, --attribute : print a specific attribute
         -i, --info : print general device information
         -v, --version : print the version and copyright


IF you should encounter an errors such as no output for your device, 
please submit a ticket at either of the above sites with the output of:

uname -a
camcontrol devlist -v
camcontrol identify <device>
smartctl -a /dev/<device>

Should Chuck say, "I think I've fixed it, please rebuild it!", run:

$ hg clone
$ cd smart && make
$ sudo ./smart <device>

Thank you!

Michael Dexter

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