Linux NFSv4 clients: bad sequence-id errors.

Rick Macklem rmacklem at
Wed Feb 28 22:44:38 UTC 2018

Ruben wrote:
[stuff snipped]
>After some digging around I found out that the linux kernel on the
>client (raspbian running hexxeh firmware) was compiled with :
># CONFIG_NFS_V4_1 is not set
>options regarding nfs v4 functionality.
>Thank you for pointing that out, Ill resolve that.
Hopefully, NFSv4.1 will work well for you. I am not, in general, a
"newer version is better" guy, but NFSv4.1 fixed a lot of things poorly
done in NFSv4.0 (and the minor version # change was more logistics
than a reflection of how much changed). For example, the NFSv4.1
RFC (5661) is over 500pages long. (I still haven't read it all in enough
detail that I am sure everything I've done is correct, but I think it's close.;-)
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>I've sent a download link to my troubleshooting efforts to you. Please
>do not look into it purely on my behalf (Im focussing on getting the
>client to actually run nfs v4.1 instead of v4.0)!
Thanks. I'll take a look at it, although I'll admit I am more interested in
problems w.r.t. NFSv4.1 at this point. (If you do run into issues with NFSv4.1,
please post about them.)
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