ZFS pool faulted (corrupt metadata) but the disk data appears ok...

Michelle Sullivan michelle at sorbs.net
Fri Feb 2 20:49:02 UTC 2018

Ben RUBSON wrote:
> On 02 Feb 2018 11:51, Michelle Sullivan wrote:
>> Ben RUBSON wrote:
>>> On 02 Feb 2018 11:26, Michelle Sullivan wrote:
>>> Hi Michelle,
>>>> Michelle Sullivan wrote:
>>>>> Michelle Sullivan wrote:
>>>>>> So far (few hours in) zfs import -fFX has not faulted with this 
>>>>>> image...
>>>>>> it's running out of memory currently about 16G of 32G- however 
>>>>>> 9.2-P15
>>>>>> kernel died within minutes... out of memory (all 32G and swap) so am
>>>>>> more optimistic at the moment...  Fingers Crossed.
>>>>> And the answer:
>>>>> 11-STABLE on a USB stick.
>>>>> Remove the drive that was replacing the hotspare (ie the replacement
>>>>> drive for the one that initially died)
>>>>> zpool import -fFX storage
>>>>> zpool export storage
>>>>> reboot back to 9.x
>>>>> zpool import storage
>>>>> re-insert drive replacement drive.
>>>>> reboot
>>>> Gotta thank people for this again, saved me again this time on a 
>>>> non-FreeBSD system this time (with a lot of using a modified 
>>>> recoverdisk for OSX - thanks PSK@)... Lost 3 disks out of a raidz2 
>>>> and 2 more had read errors on some sectors.. don't know how much 
>>>> (if any) data I've lost but at least it's not a rebuild from back 
>>>> up of all 48TB..
>>> What about the root-cause ?
>> 3 disks died whilst the server was in transit from Malta to Australia 
>> (and I'm surprised that was all considering the state of some of the 
>> stuff that came out of the container - have a 3kva UPS that is 
>> completely destroyed despite good packing.)
>>> Sounds like you had 5 disks dying at the same time ?
>> Turns out that one of the 3 that had 'red lights on' had bad sectors, 
>> the other 2 were just excluded by the BIOS...  I did a byte copy onto 
>> new drives found no read errors so put them back in and forced them 
>> online.  The other 1 had 78k of bytes unreadable so new disk went in 
>> and an convinced the controller that it was the same disk as the one 
>> it replaced, the export/import produced 2 more disks unrecoverable 
>> read errors that nothing had flagged previously, so byte copied them 
>> onto new drives and the import -fFX is currently working (5 hours so 
>> far)...
>>> Do you periodically run long smart tests ?
>> Yup (fully automated.)
>>> Zpool scrubs ?
>> Both servers took a zpool scrub before they were packed into the 
>> containers... the second one came out unscathed... but then most 
>> stuff in the second container came out unscathed unlike the first....
> What a story ! Thanks for the details.
> So disks died because of the carrier, as I assume the second unscathed 
> server was OK...

Pretty much.

> Heads must have scratched the platters, but they should have been 
> parked, so... Really strange.
You'd have thought... though 2 of the drives look like it was wear and 
wear issues (the 2 not showing red lights) just not picked up on the 
periodic scrub....  Could be that the recovery showed that one up... you 
know - how you can have an array working fine, but one disk dies then 
others fail during the rebuild because of the extra workload.

> Hope you'll recover your whole pool.

So do I, it was my build server, everything important backed up with 
multiple redundancies except for the build VMs.. it'd take me about 4 
weeks to rebuild it if I have to put it all back from backups and 
rebuild the build VMs.. but hey at least I can rebuild it unlike many 
with big servers. :P

That said, the import -fFX is still running (and it is actually running) 
so it's still scanning/rebuilding the meta data.


Michelle Sullivan

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