Getting ZFS pools back.

Willem Jan Withagen wjw at
Sun Apr 29 18:32:50 UTC 2018

On 29/04/2018 19:57, Jan Knepper wrote:
> On 04/29/2018 13:27, Willem Jan Withagen wrote:
>> Trouble started when I installed (freebsd-update) 11.1 over a running 
>> 10.4. Which is sort of scarry?
> This does sounds 'scary' as I am planning to do this in the (near) 
> future...
> Has anyone else experienced issues like this?
> Generally I do build the new system software on a running system, but 
> then go to single user mode to perform the actual install.
> I have done many upgrades like that over 18 or so years and never seen 
> or heard of an issue alike this.

Hi Jan,

Most of my upgrades went smooth, other than being pestered by files that 
are only changed in verssion no and/or comments.

This is a rather old server that I installed zfs-on-root, when there 
were only howtos and no automagic installers. So I guess that it might 
even be from the 9.x days. It went through several manual upgrades and 
at least once a online disk replacement with growing disks (500G to 4T).
Al that went well, but could very well be that some odd bits and pieces
were (missing) left overs.

So Don't excluded that there is pilot error involved.
I tried Google to find more about fixing the system when this error got 
reported, but only a rather hefty session with Andriy Gapon, I think.
And that was for 9.x or so.
Nothing else...

So given my need to go on, I just reinstalled.


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