[Bug 217560] FAT32 - Time stamp of file is one hour off

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Sun Apr 29 03:37:56 UTC 2018


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Use vfs_timestamp() instead of getnanotime() in msdosfs

I've noticed msdosfs uses getnanotime() to generate timestamps, unlike ufs,
ext2fs, devfs, nandfs, nfsclient, nfsserver, and tmpfs, which all use the
better vfs_timestamp() function instead (which allows filesystem timestamp
granularity to be configured using the vfs.timestamp_precision sysctl). Only
autofs and msdosfs use getnanotime().

Patching msdosfs to use vfs_timestamp() instead, seems to also fix this bug
here, with msdosfs timestamps having the timezone offset added to them a second
time when read.

Please find my patch attached.

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