pNFS server completed

Rick Macklem rmacklem at
Sun Apr 22 21:18:21 UTC 2018


I have now updated the projects/pnfs-planb-server subtree of svn with what
I believe is a complete pNFS server. It now handles mirrored Data Servers (DSs)
and recovery of a failed mirrored DS while the service is operational.
It handle non-pNFS clients (such as NFSv3 mounts) via having the MetaData
Server act as a proxy for Read/Write operations.
For pNFS capable NFSv4.1 clients, the Read/Write operations are done directly
on the appropriate DS(s), avoiding the MetaData Server (which act like a normal
NFS server except for pNFS capable clients).

If you are interested in more information or doing testing, see:

I hope that this should be ready for head/current with some additional testing.
I will post here asking the "collective" about this when I think it is ready.

If there are any volunteers on the doc side  who would like to turn the above
text file into a useful document, that would be greatly appreciated.

Good luck with it, if you test it, rick

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