[Bug 203906] ZFS lockup, spa_namespace_lock

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Fri Apr 6 11:50:19 UTC 2018


--- Comment #8 from emz at norma.perm.ru ---
I took a thorough look in the logs now, and I really don't see anything

Furthermore, this happened exactly after I upgraded to -STABLE (I have an exact
answer "Why did you upgrade anyway ? - Because I needed the trasz@ iSCSI patch
that I didn't have, and also I wanted to check if the overall situation would
improve). Prior to the upgrade the system didn't have this issue. Plus, I've
seen this probable regression (I know developers highly dislike this word, but
still) a couple of months ago - but then I didn't have the time to investigate,
so I just rolled back the revistion to RELEASE and the problem was gone. I'm
sure it would be gone if I will downgrade this time too (not that I plan too).

Also, I checked with iSCSI clients and my colleagues told me the iSCSI
sysbsystem was serving data just fine during this lockup. And I shoudl notice
that in my opinion, I would get the read/write errors on the zpool disks in
case they are timing out - at least I'm getting these in the situations when
the hardware is really faulty (not on this server).

Just in case (very probable) I will get more similar lockups - what else can I
do to diagnose the problem ? To rule out the hardware, or, if I'm still
mistaken, to prove it is really it ?

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