[Bug 222929] ZFS ARC stats have wrong count

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Wed Nov 15 01:17:33 UTC 2017


--- Comment #3 from naito.yuichiro at gmail.com ---
I changed my script as follows.
File.stat() loops 5 times,
and print `zfs-stats -a` message
at first and in end of each loop.

puts "#{Time.now} start"
puts `zfs-stats -a`

5.times do |c|
  Dir.glob("ports-head/**/*").each do |file|
  puts "#{Time.now} loop count : #{c}"
  puts `zfs-stats -a`

The result is shown in attached 'zfs-stat.log' file.
Attached `top.log` shows `top` header of before and after running this script.

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