[Bug 219972] Unable to zpool export following some zfs recv

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Wed Nov 1 15:46:41 UTC 2017


--- Comment #8 from pfribeiro at gmail.com ---
(In reply to Matthias Pfaller from comment #7)

Hi Matthias,

Sorry for having abandoned this thread for a while.. I haven't had much time to
come back to examining this problem in more detail. I did not have any zvols on
the disk, just a regular dataset. Apologies if I'm mistaken with the
terminology of ZFS.

I also haven't had time to retest on recent releases but I suppose the
behaviour is still the same. Unless someone else is willing to dig into this, I
don't think I will be able to offer much help, even after examining the source
code and the call trace at the time. Concurrency issues are tricky.

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