ZFS and ISCSI question

Kaya Saman kayasaman at gmail.com
Sun Jul 30 12:19:32 UTC 2017


You forgot to enter the zvol size - f -V argument. I'm surprised it was 
even created.

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Correct! :-)

# zfs create -V iscsi-tst/tank
bad volume size 'iscsi-tst/tank': bad numeric value 'iscsi-tst/tank

So that makes it: zfs create -V 900M iscsi-tst/tank



target iqn.2012-06.com.example:target

    0 {
         auth-group no-authentication
         portal-group pg0

         lun 0 {
             path iscsi-tst/tank

Does this path really exist? Mybe should be prefixed with /dev/zvol ?

I was thinking ZFS terms but the path has got to be /dev/zvol:

# ls /dev/zvol

so the /etc/ctl.conf file reads:

target iqn.2012-06.com.example:target0 {
     auth-group no-authentication
     portal-group pg0

     lun 0 {
         path /dev/zvol/iscsi-tst/tank
         size 900M

Many Thanks for the responses!

I understand that iscsi works at the "block device" level but how would 
one go about using ZFS on the initiator?

The standard ZFS commands can be run:

zpool followed by zfs FS-set on the Initiator machine

however, it doesn't seem right to first create a ZFS pool on the Target 
system then create another one on the same pool on the Initiator.

Would zpool import/export work or does something else need to be done to 
get the Initiator to create a ZFS data set?

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