[Bug 221075] regression: 11.1 is unable to mount ZFS / on boot

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Sun Jul 30 10:36:27 UTC 2017


--- Comment #10 from seschwar at gmail.com ---
To gather a few more data points I tested several other releases and snapshots.
 Their boot environments were created as described in comment #0.

The results were as follows:

- 10.3-RELEASE: works
- 10.3-STABLE: works
- 11.0-RELEASE: works
- 11.1-RELEASE: broken as described in comment #0
- 11.1-STABLE: broken as described in comment #0
- 12.0-CURRENT: works

In order to pinpoint the breakage I checked the revisions between 11.0 and 11.1
in a way similar to git-bisect (binary search).  So after compiling a few
kernels and rebooting several times I found base r318197 to introduce the
breakage.  Revisions before that are able to mount my root filesystem just
fine.  But revisions after (and including) base r318197 result in "Mounting
from zfs:ssd/ROOT/(...) failed with error 6." during boot.

I don't know anything about hardware or kernel development, so I'm just
speculating here: base r318197 only touches MMC and SD stuff, so I'm not sure
how that could break assembling my ZFS pool, which is located on SATA disks. 
But the notebook does have a SD card reader...  Also base r318197 mentions that
a few commit were only partially applied.  Maybe something went wrong when
backporting them, which would explain why 12.0-CURRENT works, but 11.1 doesn't.

I hope this is helpful in pinpointing the cause.

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