[Bug 224080] ZFS: "arc_dnlc_evicts_thr" + "arc_reclaim_thread" - high CPU load during poudriere build...

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Thu Dec 7 22:55:58 UTC 2017


--- Comment #26 from Jeff Roberson <jeff at FreeBSD.org> ---
We can use the new uma limit facility.  I can produce a diff in a couple of
hours.  This is essentially the same thing that kmem_map_free does however:

static int
        u_long size, limit;

        /* The sysctl is unsigned, implement as a saturation value. */
        size = uma_size();
        limit = uma_limit();
        if (size > limit)
                size = 0;
                size = limit - size;
        return (sysctl_handle_long(oidp, &size, 0, req));

We should make a uma accessor to compute this.

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