State of FUSE on FreeBSD

Nikolaus Rath Nikolaus at
Thu Aug 3 11:38:38 UTC 2017


I am the upstream maintainer of libfuse. I'd like to refresh / improve
the FreeBSD support in libfuse. My goal is for libfuse not to require
any FreeBSD specific patches.

After taking a look at,, and, it seems to me that:

- A lot of upstream code that was actually intended to support FreeBSD
  is actually patched out when libfuse is installed via ports.

- The mount.fusefs and fusermount binaries are not installed from
  libfuse at all, and are instead provided by a "sysutils/fusefs-libs"

- Some additional patches are necessary to get libfuse to work.

Is that correct so far, or am I looking at the wrong place?

If so, my tentative plan would be to:
- Not build fusermount and mount.fusefs on FreeBSD at all. This would
  allow getting rid of mount_bsd.c (and the corresponding patch)
- Integrate the helper.c patch upstream using #ifdefs

- As far as I can tell, the mount_util.[ch] patch is a no-op that should
  be dropped anyway.

Personally, I don't use FreeBSD and I don't have an easy way to test on
FreeBSD either. So I would appreciate any input.


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