Introducing new ZFS user properties

Ondra Knezour knezour at
Sun Oct 23 08:54:28 UTC 2016

Hi all,

I am trying to introduce little automation into the net/vblade port (ATA 
over Ethernet) and I would like to know what/if is any policy on 
creating new user properties in the ZFS. I checked how sysutils/iocage 
store its configuration in properties and it uses the 
"org.freebsd.iocage:property" "namespace". It looks fine to me, but I 
want to be nice and ask first before I introduce something under domain 
name I don't control.

So my questions are:
Are there any objections to introduction org.freebsd.vblade into the port?
Do we log somewhere what user properties are in the wild, at least in 
the ports, to avoid conflicts?
Best Regards

Ondra Knezour

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