[Bug 213261] NFSV4 mount misplaces directory name, adding a comma ',' character trail to the name, resulting to an error.

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--- Comment #1 from Rick Macklem <rmacklem at FreeBSD.org> ---
The directory path for an NFSv4 mount is different than for NFSv2, NFSv3,
depending on what the server's configuration is.

NFSv4 uses a single directory tree built up from all NFS exported file systems
on the server. For the FreeBSD server, this is routed at the point specified
by the "V4 ..." line in /etc/exports.
For example:
V4: /
- Means that all mount paths are from the root of the server's file system
V4: /home
- Means that all mount paths are relative to "/home". In this case:
     server:/ would mount /home on the server.

"man nfsv4" and "man exports" should help clarify this.
(Some say NFSv4 is NFS in name only.)

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