Unable to create ZVOL (error=6)

Вячеслав terehovv at mail.ru
Fri Feb 26 04:43:56 UTC 2016

 I checked creation zvol snapshots and I have this problem if zvol name length plus snapshot name length are longer than 59 symbols.

mdconfig -a -t malloc -s 200M
zpool create zfs0 md0
zfs set volmode=dev zfs0
zfs create zfs0/bhyve_volumes
zfs create zfs0/bhyve_volumes/freebsd_amd64_10_stable
zfs snapshot -r zfs0/bhyve_volumes@`/bin/date +\%H:\%M:\%S_\%d-\%m-\%Y`

mdconfig -a -t malloc -s 200M
zpool create zfs1 md1
zfs create zfs1/bhyve_volumes
zfs create -sV 100M -o volmode=dev zfs1/bhyve_volumes/freebsd_amd64_10_stable
zfs snapshot -r zfs1/bhyve_volumes@`/bin/date +\%H:\%M:\%S_\%d-\%m-\%Y`

zfs list -t snapshot | grep zfs.
zfs0/bhyve_volumes at 23:10:00_22-02-2016                                   9K      -    19K  -
zfs0/bhyve_volumes/freebsd_amd64_10_stable at 23:10:00_22-02-2016           9K      -    19K  -
zfs1/bhyve_volumes at 23:11:35_22-02-2016                                   9K      -    19K  -
zfs1/bhyve_volumes/freebsd_amd64_10_stable at 23:11:35_22-02-2016            0      -     8K  -

cat /var/log/messages | grep zfs./
Feb 22 23:11:36 kernel: ZFS WARNING: Unable to create ZVOL zfs1/bhyve_volumes/freebsd_amd64_10_stable at 23:11:35_22-02-2016 (error=6).

zfs get -r type zfs0
NAME                                                            PROPERTY  VALUE       SOURCE
zfs0                                                            type      filesystem  -
zfs0/bhyve_volumes                                              type      filesystem  -
zfs0/bhyve_volumes at 23:10:00_22-02-2016                          type      snapshot    -
zfs0/bhyve_volumes/freebsd_amd64_10_stable                      type      filesystem  -
zfs0/bhyve_volumes/freebsd_amd64_10_stable at 23:10:00_22-02-2016  type      snapshot    -

zfs get -r type zfs1
NAME                                                            PROPERTY  VALUE       SOURCE
zfs1                                                            type      filesystem  -
zfs1/bhyve_volumes                                              type      filesystem  -
zfs1/bhyve_volumes at 23:11:35_22-02-2016                          type      snapshot    -
zfs1/bhyve_volumes/freebsd_amd64_10_stable                      type      volume      -
zfs1/bhyve_volumes/freebsd_amd64_10_stable at 23:11:35_22-02-2016  type      snapshot    -

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