[Bug 207022] stat() 4 to 16 times slower on FreeBSD/UFS than on Linux/Ext4

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Tue Feb 9 09:46:16 UTC 2016


--- Comment #6 from Fabiano Sidler <fabianosidler at swissonline.ch> ---
(In reply to Andriy Gapon from comment #5)

Originally, the script was like so:
=== snip ===
    entry_times[probefunc] = timestamp;
    printf("fbt enter %s\n", probefunc);

    printf("fbt return %s\t%d\n", probefunc, timestamp-entry_times[probefunc]);
=== snap ===

But unexpectedly, the returns weren't in reverse call order, so I'm simply
printing the time since last function call.

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