[Bug 206109] zpool import of corrupt pool causes system to reboot

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I have experienced the same issue here (except for the faulty RAM part). I have
a 6 x 3 TB WD zpool, running on an M1015 SAS raid card, with 16 GB ECC RAM.
While watching a movie on the array late last week, the system crashed,
entering a reboot loop.

Note, the OS is installed on separate flash drive. fsck indicated no errors on
the OS drive. Note also that I have a second zpool of 6 drives which can still
be mounted/ imported without issue.

I upgraded from freeBSD 10.0 to 10.2 at the end of Dec 2015.

As in the OP's case, the array can still be mounted read-only.

Memtest was run for 48 hours and indicated no RAM errors.
SMART reports indicate no evidence of drive failure.

I am surprised and dismayed that an error in a zpool array can cause this type
of behavior in the system. I would have expected an umount or some similar
indication; not a system crash or reboot loop.

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