[Bug 188187] [zfs] [panic] 10-stable: Kernel panic on zpool import: integer divide fault

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Wed Nov 12 18:24:15 UTC 2014


--- Comment #14 from Steven Hartland <smh at FreeBSD.org> ---
(In reply to Dan Milgram from comment #13)
> Thanks, I tried w/ FreeBSD 10.1 RC4 - fails w/ the same assert at
> essentially the same place (i.e. different LoC due to whatever other changes
> were made but same function, and same relative line within)
> 6.90G completed ( 233MB/s) estimated time remaining: 0hr 00min 18sec       
> Assertion failed: (bp->blk_pad[0] == 0), file
> /usr/src/cddl/lib/libzpool/../../../sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/
> fs/zfs/zio.c, line 3088.
> Abort

That's basically saying something wrote the padding bytes which is unexpected
so either a coding error or something nasty is happening and the data in that
memory location is being overwritten by something else.

You might want to run the zdb via gdb and put a break point at that location.
When it trips output the state of the zio. Might help show what's going on.

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