[Bug 188187] [zfs] [panic] 10-stable: Kernel panic on zpool import: integer divide fault

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early dump dev

If you can build a kernel on another machine you can use this patch to allow
you to configure the dump device via a tunable which will available prior to
mounting root.

>From the loader prompt run:
set kern.shutdown.dumpdev_early=<dev>
set kern.shutdown.dumpdev_early=/dev/ada0p3

This should be set to either an empty partition / disk or your swap partition.

After that boot using:

It will go through the usual process but should also dump the panic to the
device listed above.

Once you have the panic on disk you will need to boot with something like
mfsbsd (which doesn't panic). After booted edit /etc/rc.conf and add:

Then run:
/etc/rc.d/dumpon start

If the kernel your running is not the same as the kernel which created the dump
ensure you copy that kernel to /boot/kernel/ including all symbols.

Now run:
/etc/rc.d/savecore start

This will copy the crash off the dump device to /var/crash/ and perform a trace
on it which you can copy off along with the kernel to perform additional
debugging on.

Additional info which may well be helpful is the output from:
zdb -l <pool device>
e.g. zdb -l /dev/ada0p2

Hope this all make sense.

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