Reoccurring ZFS performance problems [RESOLVED]

Adrian Gschwend ml-ktk at
Tue Mar 18 13:26:56 UTC 2014

On 18.03.14 11:26, mikej wrote:

> I am a little surprised this thread has been so quiet.  I have been
> running with this patch and my desktop is more pleasant when memory
> demands are great - no more swapping - and wired no longer grows
> uncontrollable.
> Is more review coming the silence is deffining.

same here, works very nice so far and growth of memory looks much more
controlled now. Before within no time my server had all 16GB of RAM
wired, now it's growing only slowly.

It's too early to say if my performance degradation is gone now but it
surely looks very good so far.

Thanks again to Karl for the patch! Hope others test it and integrate it



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