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The following is a listing of current problems submitted by FreeBSD users.
These represent problem reports covering all versions including
experimental development code and obsolete releases.

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o kern/188443  fs         [smbfs] Segfault with tail(1) when mmap(2) called
o kern/188187  fs         [zfs] 10-stable: Kernel panic on zpool import: integer
o kern/187905  fs         [zpool] Confusion zpool with a block size in HDD - blo
o kern/187778  fs         [zfs] Two ZFS filesystems mounted on / at same time
o kern/187594  fs         [zfs] [patch] ZFS ARC behavior problem and fix
o kern/187261  fs         [fuse] FUSE kernel panic when using socket / bind
o bin/187071   fs         [nfs] nfs server only start 2 daemons 1 master & 1 ser
o kern/186645  fs         [fusefs] Crash after unmounting wdfs
o kern/186574  fs         [zfs] zpool history hangs (infinite loop)
o kern/186515  fs         [gptboot] Doesn't boot with GPT when # of entries over
o kern/185963  fs         [zfs] Kernel crash trying to import a damaged ZFS pool
o kern/184478  fs         [smbfs] mount_smbfs cannot read/write files
o kern/182536  fs         [zfs] zfs deadlock
o kern/181966  fs         [zfs] Kernel panic in ZFS I/O: solaris assert: BP_EQUA
o kern/181834  fs         [nfs] amd mounting NFS directories can drive a dead-lo
o kern/181565  fs         [swap] Problem with vnode-backed swap space.
o kern/181377  fs         [zfs] zfs recv causes an inconsistant pool
o kern/181281  fs         [msdosfs] stack trace after successfull 'umount /mnt' 
o kern/181082  fs         [fuse] [ntfs] Write to mounted NTFS filesystem using F
o kern/180979  fs         [netsmb][patch]: Fix large files handling
o kern/180876  fs         [zfs] [hast] ZFS with trim,bio_flush or bio_delete loc
o kern/180678  fs         [NFS] succesfully exported filesystems being reported 
o kern/180438  fs         [smbfs] [patch] mount_smbfs fails on arm because of wr
p kern/180236  fs         [zfs] [nullfs] Leakage free space using ZFS with nullf
o kern/178854  fs         [ufs] FreeBSD kernel crash in UFS
s kern/178467  fs         [zfs] [request] Optimized Checksum Code for ZFS
o kern/178412  fs         [smbfs] Coredump when smbfs mounted
o kern/178388  fs         [zfs] [patch] allow up to 8MB recordsize
o kern/178387  fs         [zfs] [patch] sparse files performance improvements
o kern/178349  fs         [zfs] zfs scrub on deduped data could be much less see
o kern/178329  fs         [zfs] extended attributes leak
o kern/178238  fs         [nullfs] nullfs don't release i-nodes on unlink.
f kern/178231  fs         [nfs] 8.3 nfsv4 client reports "nfsv4 client/server pr
o kern/177985  fs         [zfs] disk usage problem when copying from one zfs dat
o kern/177971  fs         [nfs] FreeBSD 9.1 nfs client dirlist problem w/ nfsv3,
o kern/177966  fs         [zfs] resilver completes but subsequent scrub reports 
o kern/177658  fs         [ufs] FreeBSD panics after get full filesystem with uf
o kern/177536  fs         [zfs] zfs livelock (deadlock) with high write-to-disk 
o kern/177445  fs         [hast] HAST panic
o kern/177240  fs         [zfs] zpool import failed with state UNAVAIL but all d
o kern/176978  fs         [zfs] [panic] zfs send -D causes "panic: System call i
o kern/176857  fs         [softupdates] [panic] 9.1-RELEASE/amd64/GENERIC panic 
o bin/176253   fs         zpool(8): zfs pool indentation is misleading/wrong
o kern/176141  fs         [zfs] sharesmb=on makes errors for sharenfs, and still
o kern/175950  fs         [zfs] Possible deadlock in zfs after long uptime
o kern/175897  fs         [zfs] operations on readonly zpool hang
o kern/175449  fs         [unionfs] unionfs and devfs misbehaviour
o kern/175179  fs         [zfs] ZFS may attach wrong device on move
o kern/175071  fs         [ufs] [panic] softdep_deallocate_dependencies: unrecov
o kern/174372  fs         [zfs] Pagefault appears to be related to ZFS
o kern/174315  fs         [zfs] chflags uchg not supported
o kern/174310  fs         [zfs] root point mounting broken on CURRENT with multi
o kern/174279  fs         [ufs] UFS2-SU+J journal and filesystem corruption
o kern/173830  fs         [zfs] Brain-dead simple change to ZFS error descriptio
o kern/173718  fs         [zfs] phantom directory in zraid2 pool
f kern/173657  fs         [nfs] strange UID map with nfsuserd
o kern/173363  fs         [zfs] [panic] Panic on 'zpool replace' on readonly poo
o kern/173136  fs         [unionfs] mounting above the NFS read-only share panic
o kern/172942  fs         [smbfs] Unmounting a smb mount when the server became 
o kern/172348  fs         [unionfs] umount -f of filesystem in use with readonly
o kern/172334  fs         [unionfs] unionfs permits recursive union mounts; caus
o kern/171626  fs         [tmpfs] tmpfs should be noisier when the requested siz
o kern/171415  fs         [zfs] zfs recv fails with "cannot receive incremental 
o kern/170945  fs         [gpt] disk layout not portable between direct connect 
o bin/170778   fs         [zfs] [panic] FreeBSD panics randomly
o kern/170680  fs         [nfs] Multiple NFS Client bug in the FreeBSD 7.4-RELEA
o kern/170497  fs         [xfs][panic] kernel will panic whenever I ls a mounted
o kern/169945  fs         [zfs] [panic] Kernel panic while importing zpool (afte
o kern/169480  fs         [zfs] ZFS stalls on heavy I/O
o kern/169398  fs         [zfs] Can't remove file with permanent error
o kern/169339  fs         panic while " : > /etc/123"
o kern/169319  fs         [zfs] zfs resilver can't complete
o kern/168947  fs         [nfs] [zfs] .zfs/snapshot directory is messed up when 
o kern/168942  fs         [nfs] [hang] nfsd hangs after being restarted (not -HU
o kern/168158  fs         [zfs] incorrect parsing of sharenfs options in zfs (fs
o kern/167979  fs         [ufs] DIOCGDINFO ioctl does not work on 8.2 file syste
o kern/167977  fs         [smbfs] mount_smbfs results are differ when utf-8 or U
o kern/167688  fs         [fusefs] Incorrect signal handling with direct_io
o kern/167685  fs         [zfs] ZFS on USB drive prevents shutdown / reboot
o kern/167612  fs         [portalfs] The portal file system gets stuck inside po
o kern/167362  fs         [fusefs] Reproduceble Page Fault when running rsync ov
o kern/167272  fs         [zfs] ZFS Disks reordering causes ZFS to pick the wron
o kern/167260  fs         [msdosfs] msdosfs disk was mounted the second time whe
o kern/167109  fs         [zfs] [panic] zfs diff kernel panic Fatal trap 9: gene
o kern/167105  fs         [nfs] mount_nfs can not handle source exports wiht mor
o kern/167067  fs         [zfs] [panic] ZFS panics the server
o kern/167065  fs         [zfs] boot fails when a spare is the boot disk
o kern/167048  fs         [nfs] [patch] RELEASE-9 crash when using ZFS+NULLFS+NF
o kern/166912  fs         [ufs] [panic] Panic after converting Softupdates to jo
o kern/166851  fs         [zfs] [hang] Copying directory from the mounted UFS di
o kern/166477  fs         [nfs] NFS data corruption.
o kern/165950  fs         [ffs] SU+J and fsck problem
o kern/165521  fs         [zfs] [hang] livelock on 1 Gig of RAM with zfs when 31
o kern/165392  fs         Multiple mkdir/rmdir fails with errno 31
o kern/165087  fs         [unionfs] lock violation in unionfs
o kern/164472  fs         [ufs] fsck -B panics on particular data inconsistency
o kern/164370  fs         [zfs] zfs destroy for snapshot fails on i386 and sparc
o kern/164261  fs         [nullfs] [patch] fix panic with NFS served from NULLFS
o kern/164256  fs         [zfs] device entry for volume is not created after zfs
o kern/164184  fs         [ufs] [panic] Kernel panic with ufs_makeinode
o kern/163801  fs         [md] [request] allow mfsBSD legacy installed in 'swap'
o kern/163770  fs         [zfs] [hang] LOR between zfs&syncer + vnlru leading to
o kern/163501  fs         [nfs] NFS exporting a dir and a subdir in that dir to 
o kern/162944  fs         [coda] Coda file system module looks broken in 9.0
o kern/162860  fs         [zfs] Cannot share ZFS filesystem to hosts with a hyph
o kern/162751  fs         [zfs] [panic] kernel panics during file operations
o kern/162591  fs         [nullfs] cross-filesystem nullfs does not work as expe
o kern/162519  fs         [zfs] "zpool import" relies on buggy realpath() behavi
o kern/161968  fs         [zfs] [hang] renaming snapshot with -r including a zvo
o kern/161864  fs         [ufs] removing journaling from UFS partition fails on 
o kern/161579  fs         [smbfs] FreeBSD sometimes panics when an smb share is 
o kern/161533  fs         [zfs] [panic] zfs receive panic: system ioctl returnin
o kern/161438  fs         [zfs] [panic] recursed on non-recursive spa_namespace_
o kern/161424  fs         [nullfs] __getcwd() calls fail when used on nullfs mou
o kern/161280  fs         [zfs] Stack overflow in gptzfsboot
o kern/161205  fs         [nfs] [pfsync] [regression] [build] Bug report freebsd
o kern/161169  fs         [zfs] [panic] ZFS causes kernel panic in dbuf_dirty
o kern/161112  fs         [ufs] [lor] filesystem LOR in FreeBSD 9.0-BETA3
o kern/160893  fs         [zfs] [panic] 9.0-BETA2 kernel panic
f kern/160860  fs         [ufs] Random UFS root filesystem corruption with SU+J 
o kern/160801  fs         [zfs] zfsboot on 8.2-RELEASE fails to boot from root-o
o kern/160790  fs         [fusefs] [panic] VPUTX: negative ref count with FUSE
o kern/160777  fs         [zfs] [hang] RAID-Z3 causes fatal hang upon scrub/impo
o kern/160706  fs         [zfs] zfs bootloader fails when a non-root vdev exists
o kern/160591  fs         [zfs] Fail to boot on zfs root with degraded raidz2 [r
o kern/160410  fs         [smbfs] [hang] smbfs hangs when transferring large fil
o kern/160283  fs         [zfs] [patch] 'zfs list' does abort in make_dataset_ha
o kern/159930  fs         [ufs] [panic] kernel core
o kern/159402  fs         [zfs][loader] symlinks cause I/O errors
o kern/159357  fs         [zfs] ZFS MAXNAMELEN macro has confusing name (off-by-
o kern/159356  fs         [zfs] [patch] ZFS NAME_ERR_DISKLIKE check is Solaris-s
o kern/159351  fs         [nfs] [patch] - divide by zero in mountnfs()
o kern/159251  fs         [zfs] [request]: add FLETCHER4 as DEDUP hash option
o kern/159077  fs         [zfs] Can't cd .. with latest zfs version
o kern/159048  fs         [smbfs] smb mount corrupts large files
o kern/159045  fs         [zfs] [hang] ZFS scrub freezes system
o kern/158839  fs         [zfs] ZFS Bootloader Fails if there is a Dead Disk
o kern/158802  fs         amd(8) ICMP storm and unkillable process.
o kern/158231  fs         [nullfs] panic on unmounting nullfs mounted over ufs o
f kern/157929  fs         [nfs] NFS slow read
o kern/157399  fs         [zfs] trouble with: mdconfig force delete && zfs strip
o kern/157179  fs         [zfs] zfs/dbuf.c: panic: solaris assert: arc_buf_remov
o kern/156797  fs         [zfs] [panic] Double panic with FreeBSD 9-CURRENT and 
o kern/156781  fs         [zfs] zfs is losing the snapshot directory,
p kern/156545  fs         [ufs] mv could break UFS on SMP systems
o kern/156193  fs         [ufs] [hang] UFS snapshot hangs && deadlocks processes
o kern/156039  fs         [nullfs] [unionfs] nullfs + unionfs do not compose, re
o kern/155615  fs         [zfs] zfs v28 broken on sparc64 -current
o kern/155587  fs         [zfs] [panic] kernel panic with zfs
p kern/155411  fs         [regression] [8.2-release] [tmpfs]: mount: tmpfs : No 
o kern/155199  fs         [ext2fs] ext3fs mounted as ext2fs gives I/O errors
o bin/155104   fs         [zfs][patch] use /dev prefix by default when importing
o kern/154930  fs         [zfs] cannot delete/unlink file from full volume -> EN
o kern/154828  fs         [msdosfs] Unable to create directories on external USB
o kern/154491  fs         [smbfs] smb_co_lock: recursive lock for object 1
p kern/154228  fs         [md] md getting stuck in wdrain state
o kern/153996  fs         [zfs] zfs root mount error while kernel is not located
o kern/153753  fs         [zfs] ZFS v15 - grammatical error when attempting to u
o kern/153716  fs         [zfs] zpool scrub time remaining is incorrect
o kern/153695  fs         [patch] [zfs] Booting from zpool created on 4k-sector 
o kern/153680  fs         [xfs] 8.1 failing to mount XFS partitions
o kern/153418  fs         [zfs] [panic] Kernel Panic occurred writing to zfs vol
o kern/153351  fs         [zfs] locking directories/files in ZFS
o bin/153258   fs         [patch][zfs] creating ZVOLs requires `refreservation' 
s kern/153173  fs         [zfs] booting from a gzip-compressed dataset doesn't w
o bin/153142   fs         [zfs] ls -l outputs `ls: ./.zfs: Operation not support
o kern/153126  fs         [zfs] vdev failure, zpool=peegel type=vdev.too_small
o kern/152022  fs         [nfs] nfs service hangs with linux client [regression]
o kern/151942  fs         [zfs] panic during ls(1) zfs snapshot directory
o kern/151905  fs         [zfs] page fault under load in /sbin/zfs
o bin/151713   fs         [patch] Bug in growfs(8) with respect to 32-bit overfl
o kern/151648  fs         [zfs] disk wait bug
o kern/151629  fs         [fs] [patch] Skip empty directory entries during name 
o kern/151330  fs         [zfs] will unshare all zfs filesystem after execute a 
o kern/151326  fs         [nfs] nfs exports fail if netgroups contain duplicate 
o kern/151251  fs         [ufs] Can not create files on filesystem with heavy us
o kern/151226  fs         [zfs] can't delete zfs snapshot
o kern/150503  fs         [zfs] ZFS disks are UNAVAIL and corrupted after reboot
o kern/150501  fs         [zfs] ZFS vdev failure vdev.bad_label on amd64
o kern/150390  fs         [zfs] zfs deadlock when arcmsr reports drive faulted
o kern/150336  fs         [nfs] mountd/nfsd became confused; refused to reload n
o kern/149208  fs         mksnap_ffs(8) hang/deadlock
o kern/149173  fs         [patch] [zfs] make OpenSolaris <sys/nvpair.h> installa
o kern/149015  fs         [zfs] [patch] misc fixes for ZFS code to build on Glib
o kern/149014  fs         [zfs] [patch] declarations in ZFS libraries/utilities 
o kern/149013  fs         [zfs] [patch] make ZFS makefiles use the libraries fro
o kern/148504  fs         [zfs] ZFS' zpool does not allow replacing drives to be
o kern/148490  fs         [zfs]: zpool attach - resilver bidirectionally, and re
o kern/148368  fs         [zfs] ZFS hanging forever on 8.1-PRERELEASE
o kern/148138  fs         [zfs] zfs raidz pool commands freeze
o kern/147903  fs         [zfs] [panic] Kernel panics on faulty zfs device
o kern/147881  fs         [zfs] [patch] ZFS "sharenfs" doesn't allow different "
o kern/147420  fs         [ufs] [panic] ufs_dirbad, nullfs, jail panic (corrupt 
o kern/146941  fs         [zfs] [panic] Kernel Double Fault - Happens constantly
o kern/146786  fs         [zfs] zpool import hangs with checksum errors
o kern/146708  fs         [ufs] [panic] Kernel panic in softdep_disk_write_compl
o kern/146528  fs         [zfs] Severe memory leak in ZFS on i386
o kern/146502  fs         [nfs] FreeBSD 8 NFS Client Connection to Server
o kern/145750  fs         [unionfs] [hang] unionfs locks the machine
s kern/145712  fs         [zfs] cannot offline two drives in a raidz2 configurat
o kern/145411  fs         [xfs] [panic] Kernel panics shortly after mounting an 
f bin/145309   fs         bsdlabel: Editing disk label invalidates the whole dev
o kern/145272  fs         [zfs] [panic] Panic during boot when accessing zfs on 
o kern/145246  fs         [ufs] dirhash in 7.3 gratuitously frees hashes when it
o kern/145238  fs         [zfs] [panic] kernel panic on zpool clear tank
o kern/145229  fs         [zfs] Vast differences in ZFS ARC behavior between 8.0
o kern/145189  fs         [nfs] nfsd performs abysmally under load
o kern/144929  fs         [ufs] [lor] vfs_bio.c + ufs_dirhash.c
p kern/144447  fs         [zfs] sharenfs fsunshare() & fsshare_main() non functi
o kern/144416  fs         [panic] Kernel panic on online filesystem optimization
s kern/144415  fs         [zfs] [panic] kernel panics on boot after zfs crash
o kern/144234  fs         [zfs] Cannot boot machine with recent gptzfsboot code 
o kern/143825  fs         [nfs] [panic] Kernel panic on NFS client
o bin/143572   fs         [zfs] zpool(1): [patch] The verbose output from iostat
o kern/143212  fs         [nfs] NFSv4 client strange work ...
o kern/143184  fs         [zfs] [lor] zfs/bufwait LOR
o kern/142878  fs         [zfs] [vfs] lock order reversal
o kern/142489  fs         [zfs] [lor] allproc/zfs LOR
o kern/142466  fs         Update 7.2 -> 8.0 on Raid 1 ends with screwed raid [re
o kern/142306  fs         [zfs] [panic] ZFS drive (from OSX Leopard) causes two 
o kern/142068  fs         [ufs] BSD labels are got deleted spontaneously
o kern/141950  fs         [unionfs] [lor] ufs/unionfs/ufs Lock order reversal
o kern/141897  fs         [msdosfs] [panic] Kernel panic. msdofs: file name leng
o kern/141463  fs         [nfs] [panic] Frequent kernel panics after upgrade fro
o kern/141091  fs         [patch] [nullfs] fix panics with DIAGNOSTIC enabled
o kern/141086  fs         [nfs] [panic] panic("nfs: bioread, not dir") on FreeBS
o kern/141010  fs         [zfs] "zfs scrub" fails when backed by files in UFS2
o kern/140888  fs         [zfs] boot fail from zfs root while the pool resilveri
o kern/140661  fs         [zfs] [patch] /boot/loader fails to work on a GPT/ZFS-
o kern/140640  fs         [zfs] snapshot crash
o kern/140068  fs         [smbfs] [patch] smbfs does not allow semicolon in file
o kern/139725  fs         [zfs] zdb(1) dumps core on i386 when examining zpool c
o kern/139715  fs         [zfs] vfs.numvnodes leak on busy zfs
p bin/139651   fs         [nfs] mount(8): read-only remount of NFS volume does n
o kern/139407  fs         [smbfs] [panic] smb mount causes system crash if remot
o kern/138662  fs         [panic] ffs_blkfree: freeing free block
o kern/138421  fs         [ufs] [patch] remove UFS label limitations
o kern/138202  fs         mount_msdosfs(1) see only 2Gb
o kern/137588  fs         [unionfs] [lor] LOR nfs/ufs/nfs
o kern/136968  fs         [ufs] [lor] ufs/bufwait/ufs (open)
o kern/136945  fs         [ufs] [lor] filedesc structure/ufs (poll)
o kern/136944  fs         [ffs] [lor] bufwait/snaplk (fsync)
o kern/136873  fs         [ntfs] Missing directories/files on NTFS volume
p kern/136470  fs         [nfs] Cannot mount / in read-only, over NFS
o kern/135546  fs         [zfs] zfs.ko module doesn't ignore zpool.cache filenam
o kern/135469  fs         [ufs] [panic] kernel crash on md operation in ufs_dirb
o kern/135050  fs         [zfs] ZFS clears/hides disk errors on reboot
o kern/134491  fs         [zfs] Hot spares are rather cold...
o kern/133676  fs         [smbfs] [panic] umount -f'ing a vnode-based memory dis
p kern/133174  fs         [msdosfs] [patch] msdosfs must support multibyte inter
o kern/132960  fs         [ufs] [panic] panic:ffs_blkfree: freeing free frag
o kern/132397  fs         reboot causes filesystem corruption (failure to sync b
o kern/132331  fs         [ufs] [lor] LOR ufs and syncer
o kern/132237  fs         [msdosfs] msdosfs has problems to read MSDOS Floppy
o kern/132145  fs         [panic] File System Hard Crashes
o kern/131441  fs         [unionfs] [nullfs] unionfs and/or nullfs not combineab
o kern/131360  fs         [nfs] poor scaling behavior of the NFS server under lo
o kern/131342  fs         [nfs] mounting/unmounting of disks causes NFS to fail
o bin/131341   fs         makefs: error "Bad file descriptor"  on the mount poin
o kern/130920  fs         [msdosfs] cp(1) takes 100% CPU time while copying file
o kern/130210  fs         [nullfs] Error by check nullfs
o kern/129760  fs         [nfs] after 'umount -f' of a stale NFS share FreeBSD l
o kern/129488  fs         [smbfs] Kernel "bug" when using smbfs in smbfs_smb.c: 
o kern/129231  fs         [ufs] [patch] New UFS mount (norandom) option - mostly
o kern/129152  fs         [panic] non-userfriendly panic when trying to mount(8)
o kern/127787  fs         [lor] [ufs] Three LORs: vfslock/devfs/vfslock, ufs/vfs
o bin/127270   fs         fsck_msdosfs(8) may crash if BytesPerSec is zero
o kern/127029  fs         [panic] mount(8): trying to mount a write protected zi
o kern/126973  fs         [unionfs] [hang] System hang with unionfs and init chr
o kern/126553  fs         [unionfs] unionfs move directory problem 2 (files appe
o kern/126287  fs         [ufs] [panic] Kernel panics while mounting an UFS file
o kern/125895  fs         [ffs] [panic] kernel: panic: ffs_blkfree: freeing free
s kern/125738  fs         [zfs] [request] SHA256 acceleration in ZFS
o kern/123939  fs         [msdosfs] corrupts new files
o bin/123574   fs         [unionfs] df(1) -t option destroys info for unionfs (a
o kern/122380  fs         [ffs] ffs_valloc:dup alloc (Soekris 4801/7.0/USB Flash
o bin/122172   fs         [fs]: amd(8) automount daemon dies on 6.3-STABLE i386,
o bin/121898   fs         [nullfs] pwd(1)/getcwd(2) fails with Permission denied
o bin/121072   fs         [smbfs] mount_smbfs(8) cannot normally convert the cha
o kern/120483  fs         [ntfs] [patch] NTFS filesystem locking changes
o kern/120482  fs         [ntfs] [patch] Sync style changes between NetBSD and F
o kern/118912  fs         [2tb] disk sizing/geometry problem with large array
o kern/118713  fs         [minidump] [patch] Display media size required for a k
o kern/118318  fs         [nfs] NFS server hangs under special circumstances
o bin/118249   fs         [ufs] mv(1): moving a directory changes its mtime
o kern/118126  fs         [nfs] [patch] Poor NFS server write performance
o kern/118107  fs         [ntfs] [panic] Kernel panic when accessing a file at N
o kern/117954  fs         [ufs] dirhash on very large directories blocks the mac
o bin/117315   fs         [smbfs] mount_smbfs(8) and related options can't mount
o kern/117158  fs         [zfs] zpool scrub causes panic if geli vdevs detach on
o bin/116980   fs         [msdosfs] [patch] mount_msdosfs(8) resets some flags f
o conf/116931  fs         lack of fsck_cd9660 prevents mounting iso images with 
o kern/116583  fs         [ffs] [hang] System freezes for short time when using 
o bin/115361   fs         [zfs] mount(8) gets into a state where it won't set/un
o kern/114955  fs         [cd9660] [patch] [request] support for mask,dirmask,ui
o kern/114847  fs         [ntfs] [patch] [request] dirmask support for NTFS ala 
o kern/114676  fs         [ufs] snapshot creation panics: snapacct_ufs2: bad blo
o bin/114468   fs         [patch] [request] add -d option to umount(8) to detach
o kern/113852  fs         [smbfs] smbfs does not properly implement DFS referral
o bin/113838   fs         [patch] [request] mount(8): add support for relative p
o bin/113049   fs         [patch] [request] make quot(8) use getopt(3) and show 
o kern/112658  fs         [smbfs] [patch] smbfs and caching problems (resolves b
o kern/111843  fs         [msdosfs] Long Names of files are incorrectly created 
o kern/111782  fs         [ufs] dump(8) fails horribly for large filesystems
s bin/111146   fs         [2tb] fsck(8) fails on 6T filesystem
o bin/107829   fs         [2TB] fdisk(8): invalid boundary checking in fdisk / w
o kern/106107  fs         [ufs] left-over fsck_snapshot after unfinished backgro
o kern/104406  fs         [ufs] Processes get stuck in "ufs" state under persist
o kern/103035  fs         [ntfs] Directories in NTFS mounted disc images appear 
o kern/101324  fs         [smbfs] smbfs sometimes not case sensitive when it's s
o kern/99290   fs         [ntfs] mount_ntfs ignorant of cluster sizes
s bin/97498    fs         [request] newfs(8) has no option to clear the first 12
o kern/97377   fs         [ntfs] [patch] syntax cleanup for ntfs_ihash.c
o kern/95222   fs         [cd9660] File sections on ISO9660 level 3 CDs ignored
o kern/94849   fs         [ufs] rename on UFS filesystem is not atomic
o bin/94810    fs         fsck(8) incorrectly reports 'file system marked clean'
o kern/94769   fs         [ufs] Multiple file deletions on multi-snapshotted fil
o kern/94733   fs         [smbfs] smbfs may cause double unlock
o kern/93942   fs         [vfs] [patch] panic: ufs_dirbad: bad dir (patch from D
o kern/92272   fs         [ffs] [hang] Filling a filesystem while creating a sna
o kern/91134   fs         [smbfs] [patch] Preserve access and modification time 
a kern/90815   fs         [smbfs] [patch] SMBFS with character conversions somet
o kern/88657   fs         [smbfs] windows client hang when browsing a samba shar
o kern/88555   fs         [panic] ffs_blkfree: freeing free frag on AMD 64
o bin/87966    fs         [patch] newfs(8): introduce -A flag for newfs to enabl
o kern/87859   fs         [smbfs] System reboot while umount smbfs.
o kern/86587   fs         [msdosfs] rm -r /PATH fails with lots of small files
o bin/85494    fs         fsck_ffs: unchecked use of cg_inosused macro etc.
o kern/80088   fs         [smbfs] Incorrect file time setting on NTFS mounted vi
o bin/74779    fs         Background-fsck checks one filesystem twice and omits 
o kern/73484   fs         [ntfs] Kernel panic when doing `ls` from the client si
o bin/73019    fs         [ufs] fsck_ufs(8) cannot alloc 607016868 bytes for ino
o kern/71774   fs         [ntfs] NTFS cannot "see" files on a WinXP filesystem
o bin/70600    fs         fsck(8) throws files away when it can't grow lost+foun
o kern/68978   fs         [panic] [ufs] crashes with failing hard disk, loose po
o kern/67326   fs         [msdosfs] crash after attempt to mount write protected
o kern/65920   fs         [nwfs] Mounted Netware filesystem behaves strange
o kern/65901   fs         [smbfs] [patch] smbfs fails fsx write/truncate-down/tr
o kern/61503   fs         [smbfs] mount_smbfs does not work as non-root
o kern/55617   fs         [smbfs] Accessing an nsmb-mounted drive via a smb expo
o kern/51685   fs         [hang] Unbounded inode allocation causes kernel to loc
o kern/36566   fs         [smbfs] System reboot with dead smb mount and umount
o bin/27687    fs         fsck(8) wrapper is not properly passing options to fsc
o kern/18874   fs         [2TB] 32bit NFS servers export wrong negative values t
o kern/9619    fs         [nfs] Restarting mountd kills existing mounts

345 problems total.

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