Read-only port of NetBSD's UDF filesystem.

Will DeVries william.devries at
Sun Jan 20 23:30:37 UTC 2013

I have been working on a read-only port of NetBSD's UDF file
system implementation, which I now believe to be complete except for any
bug related fixes that may arise.  This file system supports UDF versions
through 2.60 on CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays.

While it could use more testing, it seems to be stable and working well,
and now seems like a good time to publish it for review.  At the very
least, I can judge interest and get advice on aspects that perhaps need
more work.

The code can be found at, and
installation instructions are present in the README file.  It should
compile and work correct under both 9-Stable and Current.  For full
functionally it requires an additional ioctl in the scsi_cd driver, for
which there is a patch in the repository.  The patch also adds 'mount_udf2'
as an external mount command in the 'mount' command and creates a header
file needed for compilation.  The file system was named 'udf2' so that it
can coexist with the much better tested file system already in the base.
 At some point, the module should be renamed back to 'udf'.

(A version of this code was posted to this list once before by Oleksandr
Dudinskyi, but this code does not contain any of his changes.)

Will DeVries

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