how much reliable is UFS2+SU/J

Derek Kulinski takeda at
Mon Feb 11 16:24:38 UTC 2013

CeDeROM <cederom at> wrote:

>Hello :-)
>Some time ago I have switched to UFS2+SU/J. However on a crash I have
>found some issues on a /home partition that SU/Journal seems to have
>missed. This caused applications to misbehave or use default
>configuration. Running "fsck" showed that filesystem is clean, but
>running "fsck -fy" found some issues. This happended at least three
>times in a short period of time, so I started to wonder how much
>reliable if UFS2+SU/J? Should I expect some fixes in this area or
>thing will stay like this forever for UFS2+SU/J?

When I tried it first myself I found corrupted data even after clean shutdown. I turned off journaling. It was SSD, so fsck is very fast. Later I learned that SU/J is a bad idea on SSD. Not sure if that's why I got corrupted disk each time or because it writes to disk more. 

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