ZFS, noexec and snapshots

Patrick Proniewski patrick.proniewski at univ-lyon2.fr
Mon Jun 20 19:17:06 UTC 2011


Following Micheal's reply, I realise my english is not as clear as I wish :)

> On 19/06/2011 10:03, Patrick Proniewski wrote:
>> Every ZFS volume is made with noexec, but I've just find out that the automount of .zfs/snapshot/* is not made with the noexec option.
> Just two days ago I was wondering why some of my snapshots are not 
> visible in .zfs/snapshot/ after setting snapdir=visible. All of given 
> datasets have the noexec property set on.
> I guess that is the answer then.
> Michael

What I intended to say is:

Automount of .zfs/snapshot/* works, but snapshots are mounted without the option "noexec", despite the fact that the property should be inherited from parents (i think).
Well, if you rely on "noexec" as a security feature, just don't use snapshots, because it looks like snapshots are always mounted with "exec = on"

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