NFSv4 at Diskless Station

Rick Macklem rmacklem at
Mon Jun 6 12:49:26 UTC 2011

Tobiasz wrote:
> Thank you very much for reply.
> I have got one more question. How can I force mounting with only
> NFSv4? I
> have added line "sysctl vfs.nfsd.server_min_nfsvers=4" to
> /etc/rc.d/nfsd
> file.
> But when client is trying mount, firstly it try with NFSv4(but it
> fails) and
> finally it mount with NFSv3.
> Best regards.
Hmm, well, the FreeBSD client won't try and mount using NFSv4 unless
you specify "-o nfsv4". (You didn't say what client you are using.)
If you want the FreeBSD client to do nfsv4 mounts without the option
specified, you'd need to hack the mount_nfs.c sources and replace the
binaries. (Although I don't consider the client experimental any more,
using NFSv4 might still be looked at that way. At least, few want it
to NFSv4 mount, so I haven't made it the default. That would also have
not been backwards compatible for the switchover of default NFS client.)

Also, if "vfs.nfsd.server_min_nfsvers=4" and "vfs.nfsd.server_max_nfsvers=4",
a NFSv3 mount might?? work, but the mount point won't do anything
useful, afaik. (ie. since mountd doesn't know about the sysctl,
some clients may get past the "mount"
without doing an NFSv3 RPC, but no NFSv3 RPC should work.)

I don't know if this helps clarify things? rick

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