[PATCH] Set the DE_UPDATE flag on the directory node on msdosfs

Per von Zweigbergk pvz at itassistans.se
Sat Jun 4 11:57:56 UTC 2011

3 jun 2011 kl. 23.13 skrev Bruce Evans:

> On Fri, 3 Jun 2011, Per von Zweigbergk wrote:
>> 3 jun 2011 kl. 22.04 skrev Bruce Evans:
>>> BTW, how do you get unmangled source files from Apple?  The one in the
>>> above URL is actually an html file so it is fully mangled when fetched.
>> There's a "plain text" link at the top.
> This gives even worse results for me (with lynx):
> - selecting the link gives a directory listing; downloading file.c from
>  this gives file.c.gz which is actually an html file gzipped
> - downloading on the link gives a poor recommended file name (?.txt)
>  and a file which is actually an html file.  I think the file is the
>  same one as from downloading using fetch on the original url, but
>  didn't check this.
> Bruce

Odd, I just tested this on Lynx on a machine I have access to, and while it's true that I got a bad recommended filename, I was able to download the plain text of the source code just fine. We can continue off-list though, since this discussion looks like it's going to be off-topic. :-)

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