ZFS system unresponsive

Vladislav V. Prodan universite at ukr.net
Sun Feb 27 21:12:51 UTC 2011

27.02.2011 14:32, Tim Bishop wrote:
> I have a ZFS system that has become unresponsive. It's running amd64
> 8-STABLE as of approximately 20 Dec. It has a UFS-based root file
> system and then a ZFS mirror for a handful of jails.
> It seems to get in to this state occasionally, but eventually can
> unblock itself. This may take hours though.

In such cases, only helps the reset button.
I already wrote about this bug - kern/153351
I have one machine updated to 8.2-PRERELEASE # 0: Fri Feb 18 18:27:12 
EET 2011 bug does not pop up yet ...

Vladislav V. Prodan
vlad11 at jabber.ru

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