Why is procfs deprecated in favor of procstat?

Oliver Fromme olli at lurza.secnetix.de
Mon Feb 21 17:07:55 UTC 2011

Kelly Dean <kellydeanch at yahoo.com> wrote:
 > http://ivoras.sharanet.org/freebsd/freebsd8.html says that
 > procfs is deprecated in favor of procstat. But Plan 9 says
 > that procfs is the right way to do things.

Linux says the same.  But it's irrelevant what they say.
FreeBSD is not Plan 9, and FreeBSD is not Linux.

Procfs has a long history of security vulnerabilities and
other problems.  I do not mount procfs on most machines
I'm responsible for, especially not on machines that have
user accounts or services that are not restricted to jails.

I also think it is inefficient to let the kernel render
data to ASCII, and then have userland tools parse that
ASCII data again.  That's ridiculous.  There is no sane
reason for putting kernel data as ASCII text into a pseudo
file system.

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