zfs directory listing

Anders Andersson pipatron at gmail.com
Wed Feb 16 23:31:54 UTC 2011

> mqueue has a link count of 522824. I can not list the contents of this
> directory, when I do the number of read IOPS sits > 100 and it will
> never complete

> if I ^C the ls then the read ops drops back to zero. If I leave a `ls`
> or `find /var/spool/mqueue` running then they will churn the disks
> indefinitely without producing output.

Now, I just joined to get help from UFS2-people, but when I am doing
things like this in linux, I use "ls -lU" or "ls -lf".

"ls -U" means that it doesn't try to sort the entries at all, but
outputs them in the order they are found. This means that there is no
longer a delay from collecting them in memory and sorting, but it
outputs each entry as soon as they are found. This may help you unless
there is something else wrong, or unless such a flag does not exist in
your version of ls.

You also have the utility "find", which might work better in this case.

Forgive me if these seem trivial and obvious. :)

// pipe

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