NFSv4 ACLs on NFS4 mount ?

Tomáš Drbohlav drb at
Fri Feb 11 11:22:56 UTC 2011

On 8.2.2011 0:08, Rick Macklem wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I have 8.1-RELEASE running ZFS and NFS4 experimantal server and I
>> wonder, what is the status of NFS4 ACLs? I see them work on ZFS
>> fileystems directly mounted but when mounted via NFS4 (even on the
>> same
>> machine), getfacl returns 'old' POSIX form instead of NFSv4 ACLs. By
>> digging mailng list archive I got to know that this 'should' work but
>> for me it doesn't.
> Thanks to George spotting it recently, they should work if you apply
> the ACL related patches found at:
> For 8.1/ZFS, you'll see that there is one for the client side (adds
> VOP_PATHCONF() support to the client), plus one for the server that
> is in head, stable/8 but not 8.1. (It replaces a VOP_ACCESS() with a
> Also, although I think that 8.1 has everything else you need except the
> two patches, I'll admit that I haven't tested anything that is pre-8.2
> with these patches. (ie. You might also need an 8.2 upgrade, but hopefully
> not.)

Lovely, works as expected. Thanks!

Only minor note, server-nfsv4acl.patch expect slightly different code 
before (and after):


in 8.1-p1 vs.

if (vn_lock(vp, LK_SHARED) == 0) {

I attach patch against 8.1-p1 I finally used.


> Good luck with them, rick
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