NFSv4 ACLs on NFS4 mount ?

Tomáš Drbohlav drb at
Mon Feb 7 15:33:39 UTC 2011


I have 8.1-RELEASE running ZFS and NFS4 experimantal server and I 
wonder, what is the status of NFS4 ACLs? I see them work on ZFS 
fileystems directly mounted but when mounted via NFS4 (even on the same 
machine), getfacl returns 'old' POSIX form instead of NFSv4 ACLs. By 
digging mailng list archive I got to know that this 'should' work but 
for me it doesn't.

Is it me setting something wrong or is that an unimplemented stuff?

Thanks a lot (do not hesitate to point to some man pages digging or what 
ever... I am just stuck with this),

  Tomas Drbohlav

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