building kernel including GEOM_VINUM

Luca Pizzamiglio l.pizzamiglio at
Mon Feb 7 09:17:03 UTC 2011

On 02/05/2011 22:14, Gleb Kurtsou wrote:
> On (05/02/2011 10:07), Gary Jennejohn wrote:
>> On Sat, 5 Feb 2011 00:48:56 +0200
>> Gleb Kurtsou<gleb.kurtsou at>  wrote:
>>> On (04/02/2011 14:12), Gary Jennejohn wrote:
>>>> It would probably require some major hacking.  Apparently gvinum was
>>>> designed with using it only as a KLD in mind.
>>> The change it trivial, just add files listed in
>>> sys/modules/geom/geom_vinum/Makefile to sys/files.
>>> It was also necessary it tweak /sbin/gvinum to check if module loaded
>>> during startup to eliminate useless warning (afair).
>> For someone not used to working with the kernel I'd say that what you
>> describe is major hacking.  Especially the modification to gvinum.
> The patch attached. Would you test if it's ok in both cases: built-in
> and module. vinum(4) man page states that loading it as module is
> preferred, I see no reason for it to still remain so, the text was
> written in ~1999 and vinum was rewritten on top of geom afterwards.

Hi Gleb!
thanks a lot for the patch!! I'll start to test it in both cases!

The handbook doesn't contain an error, but it's inaccurate. The vinum(4) 
man page, instead, contains an error: the SYNOPSIS "device vinum" is wrong.

I could open a PR to fix at least the man page and then Gleb could 
"officially" submit its patch (after tests). I'm impressed by the 
quality of FreeBSD and I'd love to contribute with my 5 cents...

Thanks again!

> Thanks,
> Gleb.

Best regards,
Luca Pizzamiglio

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