ext2fs crash in -current (r218056)

Doug Barton dougb at FreeBSD.org
Wed Feb 2 00:37:45 UTC 2011

On 02/01/2011 10:52, John Baldwin wrote:
> On Tuesday, February 01, 2011 2:42:12 am Doug Barton wrote:
>> As I've discussed here previously I am using ext2fs in -current as a
>> general-purpose /home directory, which includes my ports tree, and at
>> the time of the crash my WRKDIRPREFIX. I was doing some heavy ports
>> building to re-create my amd64-current system from scratch when the
>> following crash happened (sorry for the fuzzy photo):
>> http://dougbarton.us/ext2fs-crash-dump.jpg
>> http://dougbarton.us/ext2fs-crash-dump.txt
>> Previous to the recent changes in -current I hadn't been experiencing
>> actual crashes, so I can't help think this is related to some of the
>> changes that John has been shepherding in recently.
> Please try this:

Thanks John. The patch compiles and runs just fine (against an 
otherwise-stock r218178) so I'll first run it with "normal" load during 
working hours, then I'll stress test it.

I think your analysis is correct given that the problem went away when I 
moved WRKDIRPREFIX to a UFS partition on a different disk. That made the 
ports tree on the ext2fs partition basically read-only so it eliminated 
the potential for inode contention. On that same system I built world 
from scratch today, but with the same scenario (src on ext2fs, obj on 
UFS) at -j2 without any problems.

I'll get back to you after I stress the system tonight. Thanks again for 
jumping on this so quickly.



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