kernel panic while writing to a ZFS volume on iSCSI LUN

ml-ktk at ml-ktk at
Mon Feb 23 08:26:49 PST 2009


I am testing ZFS, iSCSI & snapshots on FreeBSD as I want to use it later
for some productive data. While doing an rsync from a maildir with lots
of small files, the box crashed. Until then there were about 3.5GB of
data transferred

Platform: FreeBSD 7.1, i386, install from CD
Box: Xeon 3.2 something
RAM: 1.5GB
50GB iSCSI LUN on Network Appliance Filer

I tried to get some hints out of the dump file according to

but I noticed I had to get source first & compile the kernel on my own.
The backtrace here is done using a kernel.debug which got compiled out
of RELENG_7_1, but it was *not* the same kernel which was running at the
time of the crash (kernel was the default one, not the compiled one).
Does that make a difference for my case or is that ok like this?

Message in /var/log/messages on reboot:

Feb 20 00:01:23 chewbacca savecore: reboot after panic:
kmem_malloc(131072): kmem_map too small: 228896768 total allocated
Feb 20 00:01:23 chewbacca savecore: writing core to vmcore.0


My question is if it is crashing in iSCSI or ZFS code & what I should
try to get rid of it  :-)



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