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The following is a listing of current problems submitted by FreeBSD users.
These represent problem reports covering all versions including
experimental development code and obsolete releases.

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o kern/131360  fs         [nfs] poor scaling behavior of the NFS server under lo
o kern/131353  fs         gjournal kernel lock
o kern/131342  fs         [nfs] mounting/unmounting of disks causes NFS to fail
o bin/131341   fs         makefs: error "Bad file descriptor"  on the mount poin
o kern/131086  fs         [ext2fs] mkfs.ext2 creates rotten partition
o kern/131084  fs         [xfs] xfs destroys itself after copying data
o kern/131081  fs         [zfs] User cannot delete a file when a ZFS dataset is 
o kern/130979  fs         [smbfs] [panic] boot/kernel/smbfs.ko
o kern/130920  fs         [msdosfs] cp(1) takes 100% CPU time while copying file
o kern/130229  fs         [iconv] usermount fails on fs that need iconv
o kern/130210  fs         [nullfs] Error by check nullfs
o bin/130105   fs         [zfs] zfs send -R dumps core
o kern/129760  fs         [nfs] after 'umount -f' of a stale NFS share FreeBSD l
o kern/129231  fs         [ufs] [patch] New UFS mount (norandom) option - mostly
o kern/129174  fs         [nfs] [zfs] [panic] NFS v3 Panic when under high load 
o kern/129152  fs         [panic] non-userfriendly panic when trying to mount(8)
o kern/129084  fs         [udf] [panic] [lor] udf panic: getblk: size(67584) > M
f kern/128829  fs         smbd(8) causes periodic panic on 7-RELEASE
o kern/128633  fs         [zfs] [lor] lock order reversal in zfs
o kern/128514  fs         [zfs] [mpt] problems with ZFS and LSILogic SAS/SATA Ad
f kern/128173  fs         [ext2fs] ls gives "Input/output error" on mounted ext3
o kern/127420  fs         [gjournal] [panic] Journal overflow on gmirrored gjour
o kern/127213  fs         [tmpfs] sendfile on tmpfs data corruption
o kern/127029  fs         [panic] mount(8): trying to mount a write protected zi
o kern/126287  fs         [ufs] [panic] Kernel panics while mounting an UFS file
f kern/125536  fs         [ext2fs] ext 2 mounts cleanly but fails on commands li
o kern/125149  fs         [nfs] [panic] changing into .zfs dir from nfs client c
f kern/124621  fs         [ext3] [patch] Cannot mount ext2fs partition
o kern/122888  fs         [zfs] zfs hang w/ prefetch on, zil off while running t
o bin/122172   fs         [fs]: amd(8) automount daemon dies on 6.3-STABLE i386,
o bin/121072   fs         [smbfs] mount_smbfs(8) cannot normally convert the cha
o bin/118249   fs         mv(1): moving a directory changes its mtime
o kern/116170  fs         [panic] Kernel panic when mounting /tmp
o kern/114955  fs         [cd9660] [patch] [request] support for mask,dirmask,ui
o kern/114847  fs         [ntfs] [patch] [request] dirmask support for NTFS ala 
o kern/114676  fs         [ufs] snapshot creation panics: snapacct_ufs2: bad blo
o bin/114468   fs         [patch] [request] add -d option to umount(8) to detach
o bin/113838   fs         [patch] [request] mount(8): add support for relative p
o bin/113049   fs         [patch] [request] make quot(8) use getopt(3) and show 
o kern/112658  fs         [smbfs] [patch] smbfs and caching problems (resolves b
o kern/93942   fs         [vfs] [patch] panic: ufs_dirbad: bad dir (patch from D
o kern/68978   fs         [panic] [ufs] crashes with failing hard disk, loose po

42 problems total.

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